How To Pick The Right Size For Your Portrait

Please note that all portraits are sold without frames for two reasons.

If I shipped with a frame and the glass in the frame broke, it would likely damage the artwork. This way you can choose your framing options. If you are looking for a budget solution, Walmart has some nice frames.

Step One: Choose Composition - Horizontal or Vertical Format

Often the format will not matter, particularly if you are purchasing the portrait as a gift.

If you are, however, wanting the portrait to fit into a certain space on a wall, you should choose the format first and then the photo(s) you will want within that format.

A vertical format is one that is wider than it is high and a horizontal format is higher than it is wide.


Pricing Horizontal
A vertical format is one that is wider than it is high.

Pricing Vertical
A horizontal Format is higher than it is wide.

Portraits come in three standard sizes.

Main Pricing

Step Two: Choose the Subject Photos

There are a few things that you need to think about when choosing photos for your portrait.

The best portraits start out with the highest resolution photos. Those are the ones where I can see right into the eyes, hair or fur of the subject. I can add detail to a degree but could, inadvertently alter the subject a little so that it does not look as it should.

I can combine two or even three photos into one drawing, if need be. If you are in doubt if your photos will work, email them to me and I will let you know. Also, before I start to draw, I make a rough copy of the portrait to use as a reference to make sure that the subjects are a relevant size to each other. I email it to you for approval.

Step Three: Choose the Portrait Size

At this point, you will have to decide what your budget is for your project and choose a size appropriate for your budget. I strive with every portrait that I do to add maximum detail to each subject and if the pictures are high resolution and I don’t have to imagine the details, then your portrait may cost less. The cost for each subject (head and shoulder) in a portrait is $130. Please send for a quote for everything else.

Shipping Cost

Ordering more than one drawing at a time will result in discount savings and will be reflected in the quoted cost.

Shipping costs are less when multiple portraits are ordered. The cost of shipping is at least $15, depending on what Canada Post charges from time to time.


A payment of 1/2 down is required when actually placing the order. I can accept etransfers for this.

Approval Process

After I have completed the portrait, I will email you a copy for approval. If there are changes to be made, please let me know at this time. It is quite common to make minor changes. Please be specific as to what needs to be done.

Final Payment

After approval, you can make the final payment when picking up the picture or before shipping (shipping charges included). No exceptions will be made. Etransfers are acceptable.